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  • Le Barlok
  • Avenue du Port 53, Bruxelles
  • 03/10/2015
  • Toute la journée
  • 0,00 €
october 3rd – Le Barlok
start 21h – on donation
(electro/expe – FR)
(post punk/cold wave – FR)
(female fronted punk-rock – NL)
(DJ set – BE)
* Tzii *
(DJ set – BE)
* NYX *
(VJ set – GER)
(screenings – BE)
(video – FR)
(performance – FR)
(performance – GER)
& distro, zines, alcohol free bar…
All the details about the event : http://bitchcraft.noblogs.org/events-2/
The poster here, and the back here.
Le Barlok : avenue du port 53 – 1000 Bruss’Hells
No bullshit behaviour please, stay respectful !
More than 11 artists or bands invited for the occasion, coming all the way from Amsterdam, Berlin, France and many other places, specially for the event. The money from the entrance is equally splitted between them all at the end of the night. So PLEASE be generous at the donation if you can, that’s the easier way of showing respect to the people working hard to give you unforgettable nights of pleasure !
Subscribe to our newsletter here, or send us an email at bitchcraft@grrlz.net
Artwork by Cancer & Misanthropie, extract from a book in progress
All our agenda here.
See you soon !
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Bitchcraft proposes to stage takeovers of « extreme », « dark » and « alternative » scenes by organizing multidisciplinary events, where in the typically hetero- and cis- normative artistic and political ideologies underpinning these scenes are pushed “into the closet” in order to shed light on the often under-represented feminist and queer scenes. Bitchcraft is a playful and thoughtful collective organized around shared values : * An embrace of feminism and gender fluidity; the rejection of value-judgements based on a person’s physical or mental attributes * An anarcho-queer approach to politics and the arts * A pro-sex and intersectional positioning * The antispeciesism * A D.I.Y. and alternative approach at every level, accompanied by anti-capitalist politics and a commitment to financial accessibility (i.e. : pay-what-you-can) * Openness and accessibility to all who agree to abide by the shared values of the collective * A horizontal organizational structure, not be limited to throwing parties, but which also includes the promotion of many different artistic forms on an equal footing (concerts, exhibitions, performances, installations, readings, screenings, discussions…) * We invite the participating artists to engage in dialogue with one another in an atmosphere of respect for our shared values. Co-creation allows each of us to explore our respective universes; such shared moments can lead to the exploration of new concepts or the creation of new works of art. Bitchcraft hopes to leave a physical trace – which will also serve to highlight the artists with whom we work – through the D.I.Y. creation of multiples (compilations, records, zones, posters…)
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